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From the pastor:


The decision to return to in-person services was made after much prayer and consultation with other pastors and conference leaders. As plans for in-person worship services were developed, we were respectful of those who do not feel they were ready to return to in-person worship services.  We wanted to insure that regardless of the type of worship experience a person or family may choose, both are of equal importance, meaning, and relevance. This Sunday marks the fifth Sunday of returning to in-person worship services and we maintain those commitments. 

The in-person worship services are not a return to the pre-pandemic services.  Members wear masks, practice social distancing, refrain from shaking hands and hugging, and abstain from singing during the playing of hymns. The time of fellowship after the service is brief and occurs outside. For some, this type of service may sound like anything but a worship experience. This pandemic has brought change to what is familiar, comfortable, and important. Many of the practices that brought us a sense of fulfillment and purpose have been replaced with actions and behaviors that are uncomfortable and unpleasant. 

However, we have also learned that we can find meaning and purpose in the midst of uncomfortable and unpleasant situations. In fact, we are discovering that recognizing God’s presence in these situations brings a new dimension to our faith and a more vivid understanding of who God is and who we are. Through this encounter with God, we are challenged to find hope in circumstances that seem hopeless, to extend peace and grace to those who disagree with us or are different from us and to embrace a perspective that is beyond our personal bias.   

Yes, it is uncomfortable to wear a mask, especially in church. It is unfamiliar to be unable to fellowship, sing, shake hands and hug as we are accustomed. It is even annoying that we are unable to return to life as it was before COVID-19. But we must remember, we must embrace, and we must acknowledge that God does God’s best work in these circumstances. And we are better people because we have encountered God outside that which is familiar. 

May we all find our place in these uncomfortable and unfamiliar times.


Peace be with you,

Mike Smith, Pastor  

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