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On Sunday, August 12, we celebrate "Blessing of the Backpacks". Several in our congregation are starting a new school year and we call on God to be with us throughout our learning. Back-to-school shopping has included loading backpacks with supplies for the classroom. But having a full backpack is not what makes a good school year. These things will not make good students. Good students are those whose hearts and minds are packed and ready to ask questions, to try, to share, to explore, to try again, to dream.


Although this service is called Blessing of the Backpacks, we are not asking God to fill the backpacks with some kind of special powers. We are asking God to fill hearts of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff with anticipation of sharing God's love and reflecting God's image. We ask for patience, wisdom, vision, and open minds.


A new school year is an opportunity for a new beginning for all of us. As we commit to pray throughtout the school year for all involved in the educational process, we also pray for ourselves. We ask God to give us renewed minds and spirits. We ask God to transform us and use us to transform others.

Pentecost Sunday was May 20

On May 20th, we celebrated the manifestation of the Holy Spirit to the early disciples, giving birth to the church. On the first Pentecost, the Holy Spirit appeared to the early disciples through a rushing wind and what appeared to be tongues of fire. All those gathered fromthe various parts of the known world heard the gospel in their own language. In observance of Pentecost, the sancutary was filled with symbolic remnders of this day. Much appreciation is extended to those who assisted with the decorations--Robert & Carol Lloyd, V.J. Cunningham, Will & Sue Beason, Debby Scoggin, Joan Bishop and Nancy Smith.

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The Celebration Choir leads us in worship each Sunday.

Tommy and April McLean continue to provide quality musical leadership in this area. The choir not only encourages the congregation to participate in singing, but also provides reminders of God's presence in the midst of our worship. The choir is looking for members who will share their musical abilities on Sunday mornings.

If you are interested in sharing your gifts by singing in the choir and wish to use this setting to lead in worship, please contact Tommy McLean.


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