Past Events

Here you will find pictures and information on past events.


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Penetcost Sunday was May 20, 2018

On May 20th, we celebrated the manifestation of the Holy Spirit to the early disciples, giving birth to the church. On the first Pentecost, the Holy Spirit appeared to the early disciples through a rushing wind and what appeared to be tongues of fire. All those gathered fromthe various parts of the known world heard the gospel in their own language. In observance of Pentecost, the sancutary was filled with symbolic remnders of this day. Much appreciation is extended to those who assisted with the decorations--Robert & Carol Lloyd, V.J. Cunningham, Will & Sue Beason, Debby Scoggin, Joan Bishop and Nancy Smith.


Holloway Going Away Party


We said farewell to Pastor Geral and Angela Holloway with a hamburger cookout and cake and ice cream on Sunday, June 25, 2017.  


Thank you, Pastor Geral, for your leadership and guidance.  The Holloways served BFUMC since November 2010 and we are sad to see them go.


January 29, 2012, we honored Ben and Marilyn Springer for their many years of music service with two trees in the front of the Family Life Center. Pastor Geral Holloway made the presentation during our 5th Sunday Potluck Fellowship.


On Sunday, April 29, 2012, our 5th Sunday Fellowship had a church wide Chalupa meal. We dedicated the stone benches and flower beds in front of the FLC in honor of Eulema Stanford and Janelle Trowbridge for their many years of service to the church family.