Every person has been shaped by God for a purpose. The secret to a fulfilling life is finding and fulfilling your God given purpose. One way this can be achieved is through meaningful ministry. You need to find a ministry where you feel fulfilled. This is a trial and error process. We encourage you to pick a ministry that looks interesting to you. If after a few months you do not feel that the chosen ministry is your calling, please let us know so we can work with you.

If you do not find a ministry that fits you, then we need to begin a new ministry. Our desire is for our ministries to grow! We always encourage creative ideas for new ministries. If you have any problems in finding a ministry that is right for you contact us. God wants you in ministry—our church needs you in ministry—you need to be where God wants you to be. May God direct you as you seek to follow God’s perfect will for your life.

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If you do not have the contact information of the leader of you chosen ministry, please contact us. In the respect of each individual's privacy we have not posted that information here.