Are you a Prayer Warrior? When faced with a crisis is your first instinct to pray? Can you pray for a situation over an extended period of time?

Our Prayer Room
  • Pastor’s Prayer Ministry keeps the pastor and staff covered with prayer 365 days a year. If you would like to pray for the pastor and staff one day a week contact Madeline Green.
  • Prayer List Coordinator, Linda Khilling maintains a current list of prayer concerns and celebration. When specific prayer needs arise or reasons for celebration occur, Linda provides members of the congregation with a update via email. If you are not receiving the email prayer updates and/or if you have prayer concerns or celebrations, please contact Linda at
  • We would like to host a Prayer Conference Weekend. If you would like to help organize such an event, and/or want to help in another way, please contact Madeline Green.

Women's Prayer Breakfast has been cancelled indefinitely. Please contact Madeline Green for more information.




Stop by the prayer garden to relax in the swing and meditate and listen to the water flow in the fountains.  This peaceful spot is located at the back of the sanctuary next to the chair lift


Thank you Bud Price for the sign.